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What you will receive in this training

When you enrol onto the programme you will receive an initial phone call with your coach to discuss your goals and to explain how the programme can work for you.

  • One to one weekly support from your designated coach - We will help you form healthy habits and live a sustainable lifestyle

  • Weekly or bi-weekly weigh in's - Your weigh in's can be done at our office, in the community or you can weigh yourself and send us your weight

  • Online cook alongs - We provide cook alongs that are easy, will give you ideas and you can share with your family and friends.

  • Short exercise tips and ideas - We offer a library of short exercises that can help you form your daily habits, giving you ideas to move more, maintain or improve your mobility

Instructor / Well-being coach

Meet Sophie

Hi, I am Sophie and worked within the Health and Fitness industry for over 16 years where I have focused on working with the community by helping people succeed in their lifestyle goals through eating well, exercising, guidance and forming better habits. I also help people through rehab and Sports Massage Therapy. We are here to help you reach and achieve your goals. If you fancy a chat send me an email and we can arrange how we can help you succeed.

Instructor / Well-being coach

Hi, I have worked within a specialised exercise capacity for the past 15 years. GP referral to Cardiac Rehab, Macmillan and the MS Society. Qualified in Prescription Exercise, Cardiac Rehab, Yoga, Pilates, Nutrition, Antenatal/Postnatal exercises. I deliver exercises that focus on the ageing population and those with medical conditions. We are here to help support you through your lifestyle change and healthy habits.